We’re obsessed with nutrition & science, and we’re committed to making the best, most nutritional meals for your children, on this planet.
Our goal is to help every parent make fool-proof decisions on what and how to feed their children healthy food.

Our mission is to create a generation of children that are free of preventable lifestyle diseases.  

Our food is designed by Nutrition Scientists and Chefs for one and only purpose: to be exactly what children need to grow and thrive mentally and physically.

Welcome to Sprout!

We are Oz & Katerina, the co-founders of Sprout.

The idea of Sprout started back in 2016 when Oz had her first baby girl. As a biochemist by education, she was already attuned to health, nutrition and well-being. As a serious hobby chef, food chemistry and the science of cooking was (and still is) her obsession.  But being a mother added a level of seriousness to the equation. 
Given her background in science, Oz started investigating and researching nutrition and how nutrition works in our bides on a molecular level. Because of her background she is able to tell the difference between research findings based on sound science and information distorted by industries to advance their commercial interests.
It didn’t take long for her to make some profound discoveries about food. Armed with new knowledge and a mother’s will to make things better, Oz redesigned all the family recipes to maximize nutrients and minimize disease.
The redesigned recipes became all about nutrient-density and expanding little one’s pallets to accept and learn to love whole plant foods form the get go.
There have been many failures along the way and lots of food thrown off the high-chair, spat out or outright refused. It took her two years and another baby to arrive at the set of recipes we used to launch Sprout- many of which are still favorites for little Sprouties.
In 2019, Oz partnered with Katerina who shared the same vision as her: to use science and data to create and promote the healthiest food for kids on the planet!
The two shunned kids junk food menu’s for good and went on to design their own Kid’s Menu and make it readily available for all parents in the UAE.
As a full-time working parent with two children of her own, Katerina found it increasingly hard to navigate the world of nutrition for her children. Armed with her new partner and her knowledge, Katerina used her marketing and tech skills to help build Sprout as a brand other parents like herself
Quite a long way from the corporate world they were both used to, Oz & Katerina are have created a company that cares about how parents navigate the world of nutrition for their children. Sprout wants you to know that every food decision made is solely based on science- Health will always come over profit at Sprout. Each meal is designed with love and care to ensure nutrient-density in each bite. And want you to know that, we would never put anything on our menu that we would not feed our own children.
And remember, don’t count the bites. Make the bites count!
Oz & Katerina 🌱

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