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Fresh, nutrient-diverse baby food with Omega 3 for all stages of weaning.


Healthy, nutritious meals +breakfast +snacks +frozen for toddlers.

What’s so special about your food?

We follow pediatric nutrition science. Legacy food manufacturers follow taste. While taste is also important to us, the nutrients your child will get are more important. To ensure this, we are going to great lengths with industry collaborations and partnerships that keep us abreast of the latest evidence in nutrition science. We do not use buzzwords, make false claims, or sugar coat the science to land a sale. Science is very clear on what kids need – more whole plant foods, less animal-based foods, much less processed products and that’s what we specialize in. Parents struggle the most with wholegrains, legumes (beans & lentils) and veggies and these are the core pillars of Sprout food.