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Step 1

Select Nutritious Meals

Browse our menu and select the meals or sauces you like. Then proceed to select the size.

Step 2

We Cook & Deliver

Sprout delivers every Saturday, all over Dubai. Your nutritious meals will arrive cooled at your doorstep. Transfer them to your refrigerator immediately.

Step 3

You Warm & Serve

Hold the glass jar lid and pull the rubber tab straight out (not up!) to break the vacuum. Warm in a microwave or stovetop and serve.

Step 4

We All Recycle!

Save the jars, lids, rubber bands, ice packs and boxes. We will pick them up on your next delivery to wash, sanitize and re-use.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • In a nutshell, we make super healthy foods for kids and families - ready-to-(h)eat meals & sauces* made of whole-foods and plant-based without any additives, preservatives or other nasty stuff. But we are different from other food producers because we strictly follow the latest evidence in (pediatric) nutrition science to make our foods. We take this very seriously. Everything we do, from choosing the ingredients, to our cooking methods and packaging, is designed to maximize nutrients so that our children develop a healthy foundation. (*breakfast and frozen products to be launched soon). 

  • You order food online, once a week by Thursday evening, either as a one-off or as a monthly package. Our minimum order amount is AED 90. You can choose between meals for toddlers (1-4yrs) or children (5-10yrs) or sauces for the entire family to enjoy, which we call Jacked Up Sauces. Our meals and sauces are prepared in our Dubai Municipality approved kitchen, packed and delivered in glass jars which we recollect, wash, sanitize and reuse. We deliver once a week on Saturday evenings. You receive your meals vacuum sealed and cooled and place them in your fridge. With your next order we recollect the used glass jars.

  • All our recipes are developed in collaboration between US Board Certified Dieticians/Nutritionists and our chefs to ensure they not only taste delicious but also meet age-appropriate nutrient requirements. Our chefs have received extensive training on our specific scientific methods and processes which maximize nutrient density. Beyond that, from a food safety perspective, all our kitchen staff are PIC Level 3 certified exceeding the minimum required Food Safety Standards set by Dubai Municipality.

  • Our kitchen is located in Dubai - Investment Park 2

  • All of our meals are prepared in our kitchen which is HACCP* certified by Dubai Municipality. (*HACCP certifications are the international gold standard for professional kitchens).

  • Sprout is currently only available for delivery in Dubai, however we will soon be delivering to the wider UAE. If you need your order to be delivered outside of Dubai, please contact us on +971 50 101 9649 we will find a solution with you.

  • 1) Visit our Menu page , select Toddler, Children size meals or Family size Jacked Up Sauces. 2) Select the meal menu that suits you best (i.e. how many meals or sauces you would like delivered; you can order as a weekly one-off or activate a recurring subscription, simply follow the instructions on the screen). 3) Complete the checkout process and select your meals or sauces from our rotating weekly menu (Once your order is complete you will receive an order verification by email confirming your order and stating the delivery day and time range). Note: We deliver meals or sauces once a week, on Saturday, for all orders received by Thursday evening (which is the cut off day for orders). Should you wish to place an order after the cut off day, please get in touch with us on +971 50 101 9649.

  • We deliver our meals or sauces once a week, on Saturday. Orders must be placed by Thursday evening (cut off day). Each week Sprout will send you an email reminder to login and select your meals for the following week if you have selected an ongoing subscription.

  • Orders must be placed by Thursday evening. All orders placed by this day will be delivered on the upcoming Saturday evening. Should you want to place an order after the cut off day, please get in touch with us on +971 50 101 9649.

  • Sprout collects and reuses the glass jars to ensure sustainable consumption and resource efficiency. Upon the next delivery Sprout will recollect the previous jars. We only ask that you rinse the used jars and place them back into the Sprout box and deliver to the driver. The jars are washed and sanitized in our kitchen.

  • We deliver all of our meals or sauces in glass jars. We are committed to limiting our (and your) use of plastic, but that is not all. Plastic can release toxins into the food, even if it’s not heated. Knowing this, using plastic would go against our commitment to provide our children with the healthiest possible meals. The 50 AED deposit is 100% refundable upon return of the glass jars. If the jars are not returned to Sprout to be reused, then Sprout will keep this deposit to cover the cost of replacing the jars.

  • Sprout is dedicated to providing the best value & service to our customers, without compromising on our foods. We charge a delivery fee to ship the food to our customers, but we cover 100% of the cost to collect the jars and return them back to our facilities where they are washed, sanitized and reused.

  • All our foods are whole-food, plant-based and we absolutely do not use any additives, preservatives or other nasty stuff. We follow an eating framework, called the Daily Dozen, developed by the world-renowned physician and nutrition expert Dr. Michael Greger. The Daily Dozen contains 10 food groups and aims to maximize the variety of nutrients obtained through our daily diet. The Daily Dozen rests on the premise that not all plant foods are created equally and some contain more/other nutrients than others. We use the Daily Dozen as a recipe framework and work in conjunction with US Board Certified Dieticians and Nutritionists to meticulously maximize the nutrient profile of each meal. Each of our meals is designed to "check off" as many of the Daily Dozen food groups as possible with 4 of the food groups being non-negotiables for us. We make sure that each of our meals has beans (or other legumes), whole grains, cruciferous or greens and other veggies. This is how we ensure the nutrient density of our meals.

  • We do not use any animal products in our in any of our foods (no meat, no poultry, no fish, no eggs, no bone broth, no milk, no cheese, yogurt or butter). Our approach is whole-food, plant-based and we follow this for two key reasons: 1) as parents we know that chicken nuggets and French fries are usually neither hard to find nor a (taste) problem for your child, but vegetables, legumes and whole grains are and so, we want to help you shape your child's palate for these vitally important foods. 2) We want to supply your child with nutrient-dense and tasty meals which promote optimal child growth and prevent chronic disease. While animal products do contain nutrients, they are delivered alongside less desirable nutrients (such as cholesterol, etc) which we want to avoid.

  • All meals are created by us in conjunction with US Board Certified dieticians and nutritionists. All meals are meticulously crafted for nutrient-density and taste following Dr. Michael Greger's Daily Dozen. Pediatricians have endorsed our meals and are recommending them to their patients in their clinics.

  • For each meal you will find the ingredients and nutritional information on our website, as well as on the labels. As a first step, we recommend that you closely review meal descriptions and ingredients to see whether the meals contain allergens your child is sensitive to. Feel free to send us an email if your child has any specific food allergies and we can work with you to create a meal plan that works for your family.

  • All ingredients we cannot wash are organic. These include spices and oils. We aim to procure all remaining produce locally and organic wherever possible. In the instances where we are unable to meet these standards, we wash our produce following a science-based washing procedure which removes nearly 100% of all external pesticides. We take great effort to ensure our ingredients are of highest quality and meet safety standards.

  • Sprout meals are purposefully low in salt, (sodium) in line with the FDA’s dietary guidelines for children. If your child consumes many fruits/vegetables and whole foods during the day, feel free to compensate with adding a little extra salt to taste. If your child is used to consuming salty foods such as pizza, we advise skipping the salt on our meals. Recommended Sodium Daily Intake: Toddler 1g /day = ~2.5g of salt Children: 1.5g /day = ~3.75g of salt

  • All of our meals are delivered cooled and vacuum sealed. Kept in your fridge at four degrees or cooler, they are safe to eat for up to 1 week after production (check the production label on the glass jar). If a glass jar has been opened but not finished you can keep it in the fridge for consumption within 48 hours.

  • Our glass jars are microwave and oven safe. To open a jar and break the vaccuum, hold the lid of the jar and pull the tab straight out, not up. To heat the food, remove the rubber tab, warm the food (lid on or off) directly in the glass jar either using a microwave or an oven. You can also transfer the food into a small pot and heat it on the stove top. Add in some water when heating meals to retain consistency and creaminess. Tip: You can also heat the meals in the morning and transfer them to a thermos to keep the food warm for a few hours so that your child can take them to school/nursery.

  • All our meals are perishable and must be refrigerated immediately upon receipt. Our meals specify the production and/or expiry date on the glass jars. Sprout meals are safe to consume for one week after production (assuming they are refrigerated at 4 degrees Celsius in a refrigerator).

  • Yes. Our meal glass jars are microwavable and oven safe but the rubber ring should be removed before heating.

  • You can choose to order our meals or jacked up sauces from our Menu page, as a one-off order, or activate a monthly subscription. Should you have specific meal plan requirements, please reach out to us either via email at or call us on +971 50 101 9649.

  • To make changes or pause your subscription at any time, login to your account click the 'Subscription' tab.

  • If your package arrives damaged beyond normal shipping wear and tear or the food arrives not cooled, please contact us at within 24 hours following the receipt of your package, and we will determine at our discretion if a replacement package or refund is appropriate based on the information you provide. If you believe that the meal(s) or the food packaging itself has been compromised, DO NOT serve any of the meals from your package and contact us immediately and no later than 24 hours following receipt of your package. Refunds will be done only through the original mode of payment, or a credit to your Sprout Account will be issued. Any credits issued to your account may be used to offset the cost of your weekly plan or to purchase additional meals. All credits issued to a Sprout account must be used within 90 days of the date of issuance.

  • We accept Visa and MasterCard. We do not accept cash on delivery, personal cheques or money orders.

  • Login to your account and select the Account Details tab. Enter your new password and press ''Save Changes''.