Creamy Greeny Sauce

If we had to pick a favorite sauce at Sprout, then this Creamy Greeny sauce would be it!

This powerhouse sauce ticks off 7 ingredients from the Daily Dozen framework and you can even add in some pine nuts on top for an extra serving of nuts! 

Chopped spinach in a base of creamy cashews, cauliflower, beans and seed paste, plus added tofu for extra calcium. Super high in Vitamin A and Vitamin K, this is a sauce you always want to have on hand, in your fridge. AND it’s so versatile- it can be used to add nutrients and flavor to any family favorite recipes, or as always, used to whip up a quick pasta or rice dish for mealtime.

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Spinach*, tofu*, cauliflower, onions, sprouted white beans, potatoes, cashew nuts*, cold-pressed extra-virgin canola oil*,tahini*, vegetable stock (salt,maltodextrin, yeast extract, dehydrated vegetables [onions,carrots, leeks, celery, garlic],herbs, white pepper, spices, citric acid), garlic, chickpea miso* (rice koji, whole chickpeas, sea salt,water, koji spores)*, nutmeg*


Contains: soy, cashew, sesame

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