Intro Pack

Not ready to commit to a subscription, but would like to try our food?
Then Sprout’s Intro Pack is for you!

At over 30% off you receive: 
2 Cocoat-lata Breakfast Oats
2 Ready-to-(h)eat meals (you select or we will supply our best sellers)
2 Nanaberry Fresh Fruit Popsicles

All Sprout foods are developed in conjunction with nutrition scientists to ensure that they are rich in exactly those nutrients that are needed for growing little bodies. We have done all the research, so you don’t have to!

Note: if your child struggles with any of our foods, we will include the same food again – for free – with your next order. Why? Because it may take up to15 exposures for a new food to get accepted and we never abandon ship 🙂

AED 99.00

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