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Juan In A Million Rice

Inspired by Dora the Explorer, we went off exploring the world’s cuisines and decided to Sprout-ify the classic Arroz Rojo. With sprouted black beans, corn and carrots mixed in a bed of tomato rice this meal just got a major nutrient boost and makeover. “We did it!” said Boots!


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Tomatoes, Brown Rice*, Sprouted Black Beans, Red Finger Millet, Red Bell Pepper, Onions, Carrot, Corn*, Cauliflower, Fresh Coriander, Tomato Paste*, Cold-Pressed Extra-Virgin Canola Oil*, Vegetable Stock, Garlic, Cumin*, Coriander*, Fenugreek*, Turmeric*, Black Pepper*, Bay Leaf*


Note: This dish does not contain any gluten. However, our kitchen is not gluten-free and whilst we take thorough care to avoid cross-contamination, we can not guarantee that any dish is completely allergen free

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