Presto Pesto Sauce

Everyone loves a big bowl of pesto pasta, but it doesn’t just stop at pasta. This sauce is so versatile it can be put on anything that needs a jolt of flavor, sandwiches, pizza, zucchini noodles, the list is endless.

Our Presto Pesto underwent a nutritional makeover. Fresh and delicious, like the original, but packed full of dark leafy green veggies, peas, nuts, and herbs.

Keep stock of this sauce in your fridge for a quick and delicious family meal or get creative in the kitchen, it’s very versatile! We guarantee the whole family is going to love it.

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Ingredients: Basil, spinach*, cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil*, walnuts, parsley, kale, pumpkin seeds*, lemon juice, almonds, apple cider vinegar*, nutritional yeast*,brazil nuts, miso*, garlic, lemon zest*, green peas*.


Contains: soy, almond, walnut, brazil nut

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