Discover The Brain-Boosting, Backed-By-Science Meal Delivery Service That Your Child Needs In Order To Lead A Healthy, Happy & Long-lasting Life!

We PROMISE: there are no added sugars, preservatives, or nasties in sight with Sprout!

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As a parent, the weight of the world falls on your shoulders

You have to prepare, cook, and provide your child with the best possible care and diet. But then reality hits… As a hardworking parent, time is of the essence. 

And having the time to cook a hearty, healthy, and nutritionally dense meal in between work, dance classes, football practice, and sleep is…

…Virtually impossible. Unless you’re a superhuman.

Not to mention, does anyone REALLY know what we should, and shouldn’t be, putting into our child bodies for optimum health? 

Food blogger Sarah recommends to never feed soy and to only ever shop around the perimeter of the grocery store (aka, fruits, vegetables, and proteins ONLY)…

Whereas mum, dad, and your friendly neighbor Bill swear by a balanced, most-things-go, as long as they’re not full of sugar diet.


At this point, you feel guilty.

Not just because you never have the time to cook a healthy meal, whatever “healthy” really means, but because you just don’t know what’s best for them. 
Every time you try and read through one of those scientifically backed, jargon-filled research studies about kids’ digestion and development…
You only understand every other word and you end up even more confused than when you first started. 
So where does that leave you? 
It leaves you “winging” one of the most important parts of your child’s life, and hoping that you’ve been given the right information online, or from friends and family.  
Here’s the problem with that: 

Your child’s diet is essential for mental and physical development

It’s not something that you want to leave to chance or risk getting wrong. There are just too many diseases “fueled-by” and “feeding-off” what we eat – diabetes type II, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and cancer, just to name a few. 
And it all begins in childhood. After all, “you are what you eat”. And what your child eats today will determine how fit, strong, and healthy they become in adulthood and beyond. So what can you do to ensure your child’s future looks bright?

You can join thousands of guilt-free parents, who have invested in Sprout

The ready-to-(h)eat meal delivery business created and designed by qualified nutrition scientists and health-first chefs. 

Hi, we’re Oz & Katerina!

And just a few short years ago, we had a much-needed awakening when we each had children of our own. 
As all frantic new parents, we began worrying about every little detail in our children’s lives life, especially when they started eating food.
What should they eat? When should they eat? How much?
These unanswered questions were racing through our minds at every waking moment, yet we couldn’t find one solid answer on the internet. So, we started researching. 
That’s when we realized just how toxic restaurants, shops, and supermarket shelves really are to the health and well-being of our children. Just take a minute to think of what types of food you would typically find in your local supermarket:
😖Highly processed
😖Highly addictive
😖Long shelf-life foods
All of which is the exact opposite of what we should be feeding our children. 

That’s where our ready-to-(h)eat meals come in

We’ve taken the over-complicated, jargon-filled, science-based health evidence, and created a simple, easy-to-order meal delivery system, based purely on that evidence.

And Enjoy 20% Off Your First Order

In other words:

We deliver healthy, nutrient-dense foods, directly to your doorstep, every single week. These meals are all 100% plant-based and designed to maximize nutrient density in every bite and minimize the risk of future preventable diseases.

How does it work?


Select from our range of nutritious meals

Browse our menu and select the meals or sauces you like, and simply add them to your shopping cart. 


We cook and deliver straight to your door

Sprout delivers every Saturday, all across the UAE. Your nutritious meals will arrive cooled at your doorstep. Transfer them to your refrigerator immediately.


Simply warm & serve - bon appetit!

Hold the glass jar lid and pull the rubber tab straight out (not up!) to break the vacuum. Warm in a microwave or stovetop and serve.

And Enjoy 20% Off Your First Order

The best part?

You’ll NEVER have to try and understand the science behind a good diet – because we’ve already done it for you! You’ll no longer have to worry about what to feed your children, how much to feed your children, or if you’re feeding your children the wrong thing…

And you won’t even have to worry about preparing or cooking anything!

Our ready-to-(h)eat meals were created for your convenience, with your children’s health at the forefront of our minds.

How do I order?

We offer a subscription-based meal service, for your convenience. 
You will be able to customize your Subscription to select from 3, 4, or 5 meals per week, based on what suits you and your family. 

Our weekly children’s 5-meal box includes:

We’ve already heard EVERY reason why Sprout “won’t work” for you

(and we’ve already proven every single one wrong!)

“My Child Is A Fussy Eater… In Fact, Anything Green Gets Turned Away”
All of our meals are rigorously tested on the fussiest of eaters, and we’ve had a thumbs up from everyone so far! 
We’ve overhauled family favorites, classics, and grocery staples by “sproutifying” them to align with our science-based framework – and they won’t even know the difference!
“My Child Hates Healthy Food”
Kids don’t hate healthy food – they hate the idea of healthy food! But we’re not going to supply you with a plate of greens and wish you all the best…You’ll have the chance to order from our range of healthy favorites, including: 
🍭 Popsicles 
🍜 Dumplings
🍽 Nuggets…
And Breakfast items!

Sprout offers a "commitment to parents"

If your child doesn’t eat a meal, we will happily send another with your next order! Offering support through fussy eating phases, Sprout is here to help.

Hear from the fussy eaters themselves!


"This is not just food. This is real science and knowledge and love behind every meal."

– Ivanka, mother of 1


"The best choice for healthy and nutritious foods for kids! Highly recommended to protect kids from future health problems."

– Katerina, mother of 2


"A lot of parents might have their hands full and for me this was a perfect solution for lunches or dinners."

– Rana, mother of 2

What makes Sprout different?

1. We’re backed by science AND medicine

We are the only food producer that has a liaison with medical professionals and nutrition authorities and regularly attend medical conferences on nutrition.

2. No nasties welcome here

All of our meals are made of 100% whole plant foods and do not contain any animal products or derivatives thereof. We also do not use any added chemicals commonly used in food production, e.g. preservatives, flavors, colors, etc.

3. Fresh is best

We cook to order, once a week, and deliver on the day of production. This greatly minimizes food waste as we are striving for a zero-waste approach. All other meal providers deliver daily, which is less practical, more costly, and sometimes inconvenient for customers.

4. We recycle

Each time you order, simply save the jars, lids, rubber bands, ice packs, and boxes, and we’ll pick them up on your next delivery to wash, sanitize and reuse. We don’t just make your life easier… We help you do your part for the environment too!

Every bite your child takes, counts. And Sprout offers the opportunity to make those bites count

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