Why Sprout cares about Kid’s Nutrition

There is a lot of buzz these days around nutrition and quite rightfully so.

Food runs every function of the human machine. From building tissue to grow (and repair), to fighting off germs or balancing our mood. Without nutrients (delivered through food) we simply cannot exist – whether you are an adult or a child. In fact, food is so profound that a mother’s diet plays a critical role in determining the future health of her unborn child even into adulthood. Knowing this, we simply can’t ignore the monumental importance of adequate nutrition – quality and quantity.

Poor diets can be an issue for our health.  In fact, they are the leading cause of premature death in the industrialized world. This is largely due to the overconsumption of highly processed, nutrient-poor foods (think Croissants and Goldfish crackers) and an underconsumption of fresh, wholesome foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds.

At Sprout, we are on a mission to change that.

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We exist because we want to revolutionize food through (nutrition) science. We have aligned ourselves with the lifetime work of a world-renowned nutrition expert and physician Dr. Michael Greger and his Daily Dozen. His extensive research of food and food groups led him to create a daily eating framework (containing 12 food groups, hence the name) with the aim to achieve a balanced and nutrient-rich diet for people.

The Daily Dozen rests on the premise that not all plant-food contains all nutrients and thus some nutrients are only found in some plants exclusively. For example, sulforaphane, an amazing anti-cancer compound, is almost only found in the Cruciferous (cabbage) family. This is why the Cruciferous family is its own category in the Daily Dozen.

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We have turned the Daily Dozen into a Recipe Framework.

Our kids meals are “designed” to tick off as many “category boxes” of the 12 Daily Dozen food groups as possible with four categories being non-negotiables for us. Each of our healthy meals has: beans/legumes, whole grains, vegetables and either cruciferous or dark leafy green vegetables (in some instances even both). We use extra-virgin, cold-pressed oils, minimal salt and absolutely stay away from added sugars, preservatives or additives.

But that’s not all.
We also sprout our beans to make the minerals more easily absorbed. Sprouting beans also helps overall digestibility especially for children. This is a 3-day process that no commercial food outlet pays attention to.

And even that’s not all.

We continuously investigate the science of cooking and incorporate findings into our meals too.

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For example, garlic loses much of its nutritional value through cooking. However, if you chop and rest garlic for about 15min before exposing it to heat, you will retain its benefits in your cooked meal. So now, in all our dishes that call for garlic, we make sure that we chop and rest, before continuing with the cooking.

Take our word for it: we really are going above and beyond to get your child the nutrients she needs.

…with US Board Certified Dieticians verifying the facts. We are obsessed with nutrition and won’t leave a stone unturned until we find ways to make things better. When we say “nutrient-dense” we are not just throwing out words, we have checked the facts. Everything we say is backed by science.

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With much love for your child,

The Sprout Team🌱

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