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Fresh, nutrient-diverse baby food with Omega 3 for all stages of weaning.


Healthy, nutritious meals +breakfast +snacks +frozen for toddlers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered

What’s so special about your food?

We follow pediatric nutrition science. Legacy food manufacturers follow taste.

While taste is also important to us, the nutrients your child will get are more important. To ensure this, we are going to great lengths with industry collaborations and partnerships that keep us abreast of the latest evidence in nutrition science.

We do not use buzzwords, make false claims, or sugar coat the science to land a sale. Science is very clear on what kids need – much more whole plant foods, much less processed products, a little less animal-based foods.

Parents struggle the most with wholegrains, legumes (beans & lentils) and veggies and these are the core pillars of Sprout foods.

How long does it keep fresh? How should I store the food?

Our glass jar packaging keeps food fresh for 7 days after production, stored at 4 degrees in the refrigerator. Once the jar is opened, food should be consumed within 48hrs (while still kept in the refrigerator). You will find a production label on the bottom of the jar indicating the production and expiration date.

Can I freeze the meals?

Yes! These are freshly cooked meals just like you’d cook at home. To freeze, transfer to a plastic or silicon container and place it in the freezer. Note though, that freezing may alter the texture of starches such as pasta or rice. The best is to freeze our Family-size jars of stews and sauces which come without the starches.

Are your ingredients organic?

Most of our ingredients are organic and we work with local partners to incorporate as many organic ingredients as possible. You can find a full listing of our ingredients on the nutrition fact labels of each meal, which also indicates which ingredients are organic.

Do you use meat in your dishes?

No. We do not use any animal products in any of our foods (no meat, no poultry, no fish, no eggs, no bone broth, no milk, no cheese, yogurt or butter). Our approach is whole-food, plant-based because we want to offer you precisely those foods that are hard to find and help you shape your child’s palate for these vitally important foods. Wholegrains, legumes (beans & lentils) and vegetables are what babies and toddlers lack most, and these ingredients form the core of all our products. Feel free to supplement our meals with a piece of meat, a sprinkle of cheese or a dollop of yogurt.

Where can I find the allergens?

We create nutrition fact labels for each meal which also contain allergen information. A summary of allergens is also provided directly on the product pages.

Do you have nutrition fact labels?

Yes, we do! Each meal has nutrition fact labels with ingredients, nutrition information and allergens.

How do I serve the meals?

Most of our products are fully cooked and ready to eat. You can find cooking instructions either on the product pages on our site or directly on the packaging. Our meals come in vacuum glass jars which are microwave safe. Before warming you need to open the glass jar to break the vacuum. To open a jar: hold the lid of the jar with one hand and pull the tab straight out (not up) with the other hand. To heat the food, remove the rubber ring, warm the food (lid on or off) directly in the glass jar either using a microwave or an oven. You can also transfer the food into a small pot and heat it on the stove top. You may want to add a sprinkle of water when heating meals to retain consistency and creaminess. Tip: You can also heat the meals in the morning and transfer them to a thermos to keep the food warm for a few hours so that your child can take them to nursery.

How does Sprout work?

It’s super easy! We make food for babies and toddlers and deliver it to you. Simply check out our weekly changing menu and select the foods you like most, proceed to checkout and your box will be delivered straight to your door! Note that we cook fresh to order and only deliver on Sundays for orders placed before 11am on Fridays.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver across the UAE to all major Emirates. You can also have your orders delivered to your work, a family’s home or other address! If you have questions or any problem with your order, please contact us at +971501019649. We will be more than happy to assist you!

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