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Fresh, nutrient-diverse baby food with Omega 3 for all stages of weaning.


Healthy, nutritious meals +breakfast +snacks +frozen for toddlers.

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10 Day Diet & Nutrient Analysis Program

The Power Of Nutrition Science at Your Service

We designed NutriCheck to help you understand your child's diet, reveal nutrition gaps and receive expert advice & support to fix it.

How It Works?

Nutricheck Report

Track It

Send us photos, text, or voice messages of what you are feeding your child over a 5-day period. We all tend to be more permissive with our food on weekends. We get it.

Nutricheck Analyze it

Analyze It

Our experts will analyze all your little one has eaten and issue a comprehensive report highlighting key nutrient gaps in the diet along with detailed recommendations on next steps.
Nutricheck Improve it

Improve It

A report is not enough. That’s why we include two one-on-one sessions with pediatric nutrition experts to discuss the recommendations, answer questions, and offer advice on any areas of concern.

Our Partners

With NutriCheck You Will Know:

Your Experts on this Journey

NutriCheck experts specialize in health, nutrition & wellbeing for children. They are working with parents, like you, every day. Every child and household is unique, this is why we tailor recommendations to your family's lifestyle.

Dr. Carolin Wiedmann - Pediatrician & Pediatric Nutrition Specialist

Dr. Carolin Wiedmann Pediatrician & Pediatric Nutrition Specialist

Dr. Wiedmann is a pediatrician and a co-founder of the Physicians Association of Nutrition (PAN). She is specializing in pediatric nutrition and allergology and worked at the Dr. Von Hauner Children’s Hospital of the LMU in Munich, Germany.

Jordana Ventzke - Licensed Dietician & SOS Feeding Specialist

Jordana Ventzke Licensed Dietician & SOS Feeding Specialist

Jordana is a licensed pediatric dietician specializing in weaning, fussy eating, and feeding therapy.


She's also a certified SOS Feeding Therapist with deep experience and expertise in the first 1,000 days of life.

Ozlem Erbas - Biochemist

Ozlem Erbas Biochemist

Oz is the Founder of Sprout. She holds a BSc and MSc in Biochemistry from the Freie Universitat in Berlin, Germany. She specializes in pediatric nutrition and is leading the development of Sprout food products and services.

Dr. Toni Zink - Family Medicine Specialist

Dr. Toni Zink Family Medicine Specialist

Dr. Toni is the Medical Director at Nabta Health. She believes that the mind, body, and soul work together to affect our overall health. She focuses on preventative medicine, and creates individualized treatment plans that align with family lifestyles.

A Word from Our Dietician

“Hey fellow parents, I’m a licensed pediatric dietician and I can’t express enough how amazing NutriCheck is! It helps us understand which vital nutrients our little ones might be missing out on. With its comprehensive analysis tailored specifically for children, NutriCheck opens up a valuable conversation about our kids’ diets and our family’s lifestyle. It’s about empowering us as parents to make better decisions”

Jordana Ventzke,
Dietician LD,
SOS Feeding Specialist

What Parents Are Saying

Ready to Get Started?

Our goal is to empower you, mom and dad, in making informed decisions about your child's nutrition. Discover how to navigate the world of nutrition ​and feed your children with confidence to build a lifetime of good habits and health.

We use nutrition science to make kids healthier.

Still have questions?

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What do I get with NutriCheck?

NutriCheck is a comprehensive 10-Day Diet & Nutrition Analysis Program for kids. It helps parents to understand their child’s diet, reveal nutrition gaps, and receive expert advice and support on how to optimize the diet.

Here is what happens during the program:


Day 1

Introduction and onboarding call with your designated NutriCheck assistant.

Day 2-6

Detailed tracking and recording of everything your child eats for 5 days, including snacks and beverages.

Day 7&8

In-depth assessment of your child's dietary patterns using a world-class nutrition software. Analysis results are interpreted with expert insights. Personalized recommendations are formulated and a custom-tailored Report for your child is issued.

Day 9

Individual session with our Nutrition Scientist for a comprehensive review of your child's report and presentation of findings.


Day 10

One-on-one consultation with either our Pediatric Dietician or Pediatrician. This session delves into recommendations, addresses your queries, and assists you in devising effective future dietary plans.