All our foods are whole-food, plant-based and we absolutely do not use any additives, preservatives or other nasty stuff. We follow an eating framework, called the Daily Dozen, developed by the world-renowned physician and nutrition expert Dr. Michael Greger. The Daily Dozen contains 10 food groups and aims to maximize the variety of nutrients obtained through our daily diet. The Daily Dozen rests on the premise that not all plant foods are created equally and some contain more/other nutrients than others. We use the Daily Dozen as a recipe framework and work in conjunction with US Board Certified Dieticians and Nutritionists to meticulously maximize the nutrient profile of each meal. Each of our meals is designed to “check off” as many of the Daily Dozen food groups as possible with 4 of the food groups being non-negotiables for us. We make sure that each of our meals has beans (or other legumes), whole grains, cruciferous or greens and other veggies. This is how we ensure the nutrient density of our meals.