Compare a regular meal with a Sprout meal.

Chicken, Mashed
Potatoes & Gravy


Sprout’s Creamy
Greeny Pasta

Approximately 400 calories per dish

Naturally occurring cholesterol, saturated and trans fats (Total fat ~10g)
0 grams cholesterol or trans fats (Total fat ~6g)

Very low in fiber (2.1g)

High in fiber (10g)

Extremely low in plant phytonutrients/antioxidants

Extremely high in plant phytonutrients/antioxidants

Excess salt (~800mg sodium)

Low in salt (~100mg sodium)

Low in iron, calcium & zinc

High in iron, calcium & zinc

What Parents Are Saying

Katerina, mother of 2

“The best choice for healthy and nutritious foods for kids! Highly recommended to protect kids from future health problems.”

Karen, mother of 2

This delivery was so helpful – saved me a week’s worth of cooking and my children loved the food. I like how all the nutritional Information is included as well as the little kids activity! Will definitely order again!

Jaap, father of 3

“My 3 kids were part of the pilot Sprout ran to test their meals. My wife and I are beyond thrilled that there is a food delivery service in Dubai that puts our children’s nutrition requirements at the forefront. We are looking forward to trying all of the Sprout meals as they get released!”

Reema, mother of 1

“I was seeking a solution for my child that was wholesome, clean and honest. I have a very picky eater on my hands and whilst she was hesitant with some of the dishes, I was blown away by the number of dishes she had and then actually had more of. We are very thankful for having access to such good food.”

Ivanka, mother of 1

“This is not just food. This is real science and knowledge and love behind every meal.”

Christina, mother of 2

“Your meals are a win win situation. I have zero time to cook and with Sprout, my 6 yo has at least one fully balanced meal, I would never be able to offer.”



When it comes to food for our children, we are proponents of nutrition science which dictates our recipes – each of our meals nurtures growth and longevity and minimizes disease risk. We take this very seriously.

There are just too many diseases “fueled-by” and “feeding-off” what we eat – diabetes type II, cardiovascular disease, obesity and cancer to name a few. And it all begins in childhood.

Based on the best available balance in science, Sprout’s food follows a whole-food, plant-based (WFPB) approach with very minimal use of salt.

We stay away from preservatives or additives. Our meals are made with fresh, unprocessed, wholesome ingredients and prepared using scientific cooking methods to maximize nutrient density.

All parents want to see their children grow and thrive. And, all parents want to feed their children nutritious food, but lately, feeding our children has become a bit of a daunting task for many of us. Questions like, “Should I give my child one spoonful of broccoli every day, every week or every month?“, “Is dairy bad for you, and if so, why?“, “How long can I cook vegetables before they lose their nutrients?“. Add this to the time required to shop, prepare and cook, it becomes easy to understand why this isn’t a breeze.

There are so many questions and it’s hard to find answers and guidance. We get that – not everyone has a nutrition-science degree and you shouldn’t have to bend over backwards to feed your child nutritious and sound food.